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Part of AICSA's responsibilities include maintaining a set of services and resources for it's members. This part of the site lists those services and facilitates access to them where possible.

AICSA Online

AICSA Online Registration / Modifications
The links below lead to online forms for supplying the current email addresses of your choir's committee, or alternately the web site address. If you require changed to your choirs redirections please submit one of these forms.
Web Site Redirection Submit this form to register or submit changes to your choir's web site redirection.
Email Address Redirection Submit this form to register or submit changes to your committee email address redirection details.
Current Redirections View current email redirection for an AICSA domain.

The AICSA Online Initiative came about as a reaction to the increasing availability and usage of the internet as a communications medium by the choral community. The initiative aimed to create a professional AICSA presence on the internet, both for the association itself and for each of its member choirs.

The advantage to this is two-fold. Firstly, each choir and it's committee is able to use a professional address for correspondence with their associates. Secondly, as the AICSA domain is a constant "address" in the ever changing internet topology the web site and committee email address redirections allow choirs to distribute reliable and consistent contact details.

The base of the AICSA presence online is the AICSA domain, in which all other addresses are based. The AICSA domain is:
AICSA directly uses this domain, whilst member choirs use sub-domains specific to that choir. (ie. PUCS uses

The web site redirection offered to each choir should point to the choir's home page. To submit the address, or to make a change to the address see the application form link below. Web site addresses take the form:

www.[choir name]
ie. The TUMS home page redirection is:

The other aspect of the online initiative is the committee email redirections. These redirections are set up so that, for example, will always reach the MUCS President - no matter who the president is at the time. There is a list of standard redirections available below, through it is possible to have special addresses set up if wanted. The form of the email redirection is:

[position]@[choir name]
ie. The MonUCS Concert Manager can be emailed at:

Note: Once a choir's subdomain has been set up by AICSA, it is the responsibility of that choir to keep the AICSA web master informed as to the latest committee email and web site addresses.

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Committee Mailing Lists

The AICSA committee mailing lists exist to offer all AICSA choirs' committees the ability to have online discussions with the advantages that mailing lists offer. These advantages include:

  • A single email address (ie. [choir name] to reach all members of the committee.
  • A private online archive of all committee discussions for use of current and future committees.

In addition, the AICSA mailing lists allow individual societies to manage their own lists via a private online interface. This enables the societies to independently manage their own mailing list (including mailing-list membership and delivery options).

General list information is available at:

Any queries regarding the AICSA mailing lists should be sent to the AICSA Secretary.

AICSA extends its thanks to Bradley Dean for hosting the AICSA mailing lists on his system.

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AIVCC Private Information
Information for members of the AIVCC can be found via this private link.
Note that a login and password is required - if you feel you should have access to this password please email the AICSA Secretary.

The Australian Intervarsity Choral Council (AIVCC) is the planning body behind AICSA. The Council meets once a year to discuss issues pertaining to the Australian Intervarsity Choral Movement and to decide on strategies and plans for the future of AICSA.

The council is made up of the AICSA committee, representatives from each of the member choirs, and representatives from each of the IV festivals with business currently before the Council. The voting members of the council are the presidents of each society (or a representative with written proxy authority) and the president of AICSA (who also chairs the meeting). Each society president may bring one additional representative from their society. This person is known as the 'Second'. The full list of authorised meeting attendees is given in the AICSA Constitution. The Constitution is available online by following this link.

The AIVCC also decides on the scheduling of the IVCFs, approving individual IV committee's applications and enduring that each IVCF is being run properly and is on schedule.

It is the responsibility of the AICSA committee to implement the strategies and plans that are produced by the AIVCC.

AIVCC Online

As the AIVCC only meets once per year it has been common for AICSA to slow to respond to issues as no major decisions/motions may be made without a meeting. It is also often the case that those people meeting at the AIVCC have not been in correspondence with each other, certainly not as a council group. This leads to AIVCC meetings in which the only issues that can ever be raised must necessarily be "new" to the floor and it is consequently difficult to cover many issues as all take a long time to be discussed. (The other reason for this is that it is generally understood that an issue will not be addressed for another year if it is not fully thrashed out at that particular AIVCC meeting.)

In an effort to facilitate more regular discussion within the AIVCC such that it may discuss issues throughout the year and be in constant touch with issues affecting the AICSA community a mail redirection called is being set up by the AICSA committee. This mail redirection will forward emails through to all members of the AIVCC - note this list will include:

  • Current Presidents
  • Society Immediate Past President
  • Designated Seconds
  • The AICSA Committee
  • AICSA Immediate Past President
  • Current IVCF Convenors and approved representatives
  • Other interested parties who have been approved by the AIVCC

AIVCC discussions may now take place online by using this redirection - note that all discussion will be archived by AICSA and will be available at the AIVCC meetings.

To use the AIVCC Online - email

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Erato is the official newsletter of AICSA and is published 3-5 times a year. The newsletter is distributed to each member society free of charge on publication.

The newsletter consists of reports from all of the society committees (and from the AICSA committee), articles from society members and articles on issues the are relevant to the AICSA community.

Editorial Policy

(as published in Erato 83 - Semester 1, 2000)

My hope is that everything submitted to Erato may be published. As you can see from this issue, a very broad range of material is relevant limited purely by choristers dangerous imaginations. As editor, priority will always be given to the expression of ideas and stimulating and sustained discussion of topics relevant to university choristers. I intend to be proactive in this area, but welcome input from every direction. Dissenting viewpoints are encouraged and will be supported editorially, even when critical of Erato or AICSA. I aim for a pluralistic, anti-interventionist editorial style.

However, with our broad audience in mind, we reserve the right not to publish material that stretches the bounds of decency, or is potentially defamatory. In such cases, publication will be withheld pending negotiations rewording with the author. Please understand this is not an attempt to muzzle expression, but rather to exercise our legal and ethical obligations to all our members.

Racism, sexism and other discriminatory language or material will obviously not be tolerated, but open season is declared on rival voice parts. (I suggest a prize for the biggest male alto/female tenor captured on the lightest tackle.) Refrain wherever possible from obscure or exclusive references to individuals or events that have meaning for only 5 people; that's really something for your own society magazine (if at all).

In the interests of clarity and comprehension, we reserve the right to edit, rewrite or reject outright, material that fails to satisfy the basic standards of the English language. We will edit with prejudice for intelligibility. This includes society reports written on butchers paper by a gorilla with a brown banana. I don't care if he or she IS the Secretary, and no correspondence will be entered into!

Wherever possible, submissions will be published in their entirety. Only basic copy editing for spelling, punctuation, basic grammar and the like will occur. However, where space is limited, we reserve the right to shorten matter to fit. Where this occurs, every effort will be made to ensure that the author's ideas and intentions are not mutilated or misrepresented.

Preferred format

Email is great! If sent as an attachment, do not include any formatting - especially macros. Ideally, send all matter in RTF (Rich Text Format). This applies to surface-mailed material also. Wherever practicable, send a disk rather than a printout - it will save time re-keying.

Other things to send include

Really good photos of the choir at work or play. These may be supplied as prints, transparencies etc., or email them to me as TIFF or high resolution JPEG files of not less than 300dpi at reproduction size. I'm keen to make future editions look really good.

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Trust Fund

The AICSA Trust Fund was first established in 1977 to financially support IVCFs which found themselves in debt - and thereby to partially shield the choir(s) hosting those IVCFs. The fund is maintained through contributions from successful festivals, and is administered by the Fund Trustees. The Trustees process applications made for financial support from IVCF committees.

The AICSA Trust Deed formally lays out the running of the fund. The deed is available online by following this link.

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The following items are available for purchase through AICSA. These items have not been created by the AICSA committee but are endorsed and supported by AICSA as being relevant to the AICSA community.

Laudate - Front Cover

The First 50 Years of the Australian Intervarsity Choral Movement

Peter Campbell

For ordering details please contact the AICSA Secretary, Brad Dean by email at

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Music Library Catalogue

Members of AICSA have reciprocal borrowing rights for scores. The AICSA Librarian has a relatively up to date catalogue of all the music within AICSA. For all AICSA choirs, this is the recommended first port of call when looking for music. You should contact the librarian (refer to contact page) for any queries. In return, we expect librarians to annually update their catalogue accurately and forward details of any significant changes to the AICSA Librarian.

By the middle of the year, all Librarians within AICSA should have an up to date catalogue, as well as a guide with recommendations on how best to execute your portfolio.

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AICSA maintains a full archive of all IVCF related materials. These archives are maintained by the AICSA Archivist. AICSA policy is that only IVCF materials should be part of the AICSA Archives, whilst each of it's member societies should maintain archives of material relating to their societies.

In order to have a complete as possible Archives Catalogue however, AICSA asks that society archivists submit their society's Archives Catalogue on a regular basis (at least once a year), so that this information can be added to the AICSA wide catalogue.

If societies have any materials they believe to be IVCF related that they would like to add to the AICSA archive, or if they have any queries regarding the AICSA archives they should contact the AICSA Archivist, either by email, mail or phone - these contact details are available on the Contact page at this site.

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We're always interested in feedback on how we're going, and what our members needs and requirements are of us. If you have any suggestions or feedback on the information on this website, or any other aspects of AICSA please don't hesitate to contact the AICSA executive. This can be done by emailing:
Alternately you can contact us by mail or phone, these details are available on the Contact page on this site.

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AICSA Logos/Images

This is the current AICSA logo:

This logo was used in Erato 96:

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