AICSA Trust Fund

The AICSA Trust Fund supports the Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival by providing the necessary seed funding needed for the festivals to run, as well as offering a guarantee against loss for the choir(s) organising each festival. The purposes of the Trust Fund are described in the trust deed establishing the AICSA Trust Fund, available here.

The fund was established in 1977 with the profits from the 26th Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival, held at Sydney in 1975. Since being established, successful festivals have been encouraged to donate a portion of their profits to the Fund for the benefit of future festivals.

The fund is administered independently by the Trustees. They are responsible for ensuring that the fund remains healthy through donations as well as processing any requests for grants from the fund.

The Trustees

The Trustees to the AICSA Trust Fund are:

Daryl Colquhoun
Brian Leaver
Ben Macpherson OAM

Applying to the Trust

If you are a festival committee, you can apply for either a grant or Guarantee Against Loss.

A grant is a payment from the trust towards a specific item or task the festival sets to achieve. For example, at the 63rd Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival in Melbourne, a grant was made to that festival to reduce the cost for freshers (first time IV goers) to go to the festival.

A Guarantee Against Loss is an agreement between the Trustees of the AICSA Trust Fund and the festival committee to accept liability for any debts arising from the festival, usually up to $5,000. The Guarantee Against Loss is made on the condition that the festival gives half of their profit to the Trust Fund (if a profit is made)

To apply to these grants, simply use the contact form below.


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