Formed in 1973, the Australian Intervarsity Choral Society Association (AICSA) is comprised of university choirs from across Australia. Some of our choirs have been working together since the 1950s.

AICSA is best known for overseeing the Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival, often known IVCF (or sometimes just “IV”). One of the highlights of the choral calendar in Australia, choristers from our member choirs come together in one capital city for intensive rehearsal leading to a performance in that city. The festival is the first non-competitive choral festival catered for university students in the world and is still one of the few such festivals in existence.

AICSA is also involved in growing the choral music scene across universities in Australia. This is done through working with our member choirs to promote choral music to incoming and current university students. We also work to support our member choirs, through acting as an advisory body and providing guidance to our member choirs. Finally, we aim to promote communication and collaboration between our member choirs.

Interested in Helping out?

You can help by:

  • Joining/Assisting with one of our member choirs. They could always use help
  • Volunteering with us
  • Offering sponsorship